What services do you offer?

Wedding and Event Cinematography, Social Media Videos, Corporate Videos … pretty much anything video!

What is your style of filming a wedding day?

We have a cine-journalistic style which means …

Cine – we do MINIMAL direction in some parts of the day where everyone is just chillin’ and waiting for the main events. Don’t worry, there won’t be acting involved since it’s real life anyway!

Journalistic – 95% of the day we will be like ninjas trying to capture your wedding day

Do you travel?

YES. DEFINITELY! TAKE US ANYWHERE! There will be no travel fees for weddings within 70 miles radius of Los Angeles, California.

What camera equipment do you use?

We use Canon Mark III and the like. For sure only cameras that deliver HD quality imagery!

Why is wedding cinematography very costly these days?

Some people think that all we do is point the camera and record the whole day which sounds easy right? But here’s kind of what happens behind the scenes:

* We study and get to know our camera like the back of our hand from aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance, Kelvin, frame rate etc…
* We know when to be at the right place at the right time since everything is only ONE TAKE. (Can’t really make the bride march down the aisle twice right?)
* We invest in high-end gear. To name a few, we have heavy duty tripods, light stands, multiple cameras, bunch of lenses, audio equipment, lights, slider, drone, stabilizer, computer.. .basically we carry A LOT, and I mean A LOT of equipment.
*POST PRODUCTION! After an 8 hour day, we produce an average of 200 gigabytes worth of footage per wedding and that’s a lot of gigabytes!! We go thru each clip and find the best moments, listen to all the speeches and ceremony again to find the right tone of music, lay it out in a timeline, research for the right song, lay out the chosen clips in the timeline, lots and lots of trial and errors, fix all of the audio, color correct each clip, play back the video for the 300th time, export and upload!

It’s a lot of work but we LOVE IT!

How long will it take for us to receive our films?

For weddings/events:

10-15 weeks

For social media influencers:

7 business days PER VIDEO excluding weekends and holidays. An additional 3 days if you have re-edits. We highly suggest giving us at least 10 working days per video before publishing.

How do you deliver your films?

Everything is delivered online.

For weddings/events:

We deliver thru a personalized online platform. You will have your own private online link that never expires! It like having your own website where you can watch, download and share your wedding videos.

For social media influencers:

We deliver thru dropbox for easy download and access.

How many Cinematographers do you have?

There’s a total of 4 pioneer cinematographers in the team but we only take 3 on a wedding day. If you’re a social media content creator, it depends but usually 1 videographer is enough.

Who will pick the music?

For weddings/events:

We do for 2 reasons. ONE, we can only use licensed music or else we can get sued! TWO, we try to pick a song that matches the emotion of your wedding day and this takes a lot of research and trial and error.

For social media influencers:

You can pick a song or we can do it for you. There is a separate fee for licensed music. It can range from $50.00 to a few hundreds depending on the song you want.

Do you need us to feed you?

For weddings/events:

Yes and we would be more than grateful otherwise we might faint!

For social media influencers:

If it’s an 8 hour long shoot, meals will be greatly appreciated.

I’m ready to book! How do we get started?

1. We require that you book your wedding venue and date first.
2. Contact us for a list of packages.
3. We will then send you a contract and invoice.
4. A 30% retainer is required to complete booking. The remaining balance will be due 14 days before the wedding day.

And you are all set!

What are your rates?

For weddings and event, we start at $4,300
For social media videos, we start at $500/video
Please contact us for a full list of packages.